It’s simple really. We advocate the use of a daily ritual when it comes to beauty. The notion that one simply lacks the time to indulge in personal presentation as a ritualistic art is something to perhaps reconsider. We all lead such complex lives brimming over with responsibilities, commitments and everything else in between where finding quiet moments for oneself can be a challenge. We understand. If you are experiencing difficulty in this area, please do make contact perhaps together we can come up with a possible solution. We love hearing from you. Bath: Bath Salts, a touch of milk, a splash Body Oil. Caviar Body Buff: Use this exceptional, non abrasive exfoliator whenever desired. Best used in the shower. After bath: Apply Body Oil. Apply Shea Butter on extra dry areas when necessary. Use unscented if you do not want to compromise the aroma from the Body Oil. (I stretch at the same time and gently massage my arms and legs in particular) French Clay Mask: Milk, Honey and French Clay. Mix to desired consistency. Your skin will have an incredible afterglow. Use once a week or whenever needed. Facial Oil: For whenever necessary, light enough to use year round. Repeat and feel good.