Long Love A$AP

I’m not writing about anything new here. We are all familiar with the phenomenon A$AP. The fact is I’m, captivated by the crew. I’ll gladly tune out NPR at a moments notice in preference to their sound. In the afternoon when I should be focusing on my work I’m undoubtedly blasting them. Such energy, such abandon.

“I’m young,” A$AP Rocky will say and I champion the sentiment. It’s a remark made more often than not as an excuse of sorts for what some might deem questionable behaviour and is invariably followed by a mischievous reference to his good looks.

Then there are those who claim to belong, “Yeah this is A$AP Auntie Pauline calling to confirm your bikini wax appointment for next Tuesday at one,”

I mean, really.  No judgement here though I assure you. I fully comprehend the desire to be affiliated. Youth as committed artisans, willing to lead an existence dedicated to their creative abilities never wavering in their comprehension that in order to live a life of truth and meaning they must remain loyal to the pursuit of A$AP happiness—one another.

I’m starting my own crew then and why not! It shall be a cross between A$AP, Nicole Moudaber, Pussy Riot and a Jamaican Sound System.  New members always welcome.