The Latest Collections


And so another NYFW, London, Milan (I could go on) have come and gone.  I felt compelled to say something on the happenings and began research rather enthusiastically. I studied the latest offerings with genuine interest, and thought I was generally off to a good start. By the third day; however, procrastination had set in, and although I did research a couple of collections I felt my attention beginning to wane—the next day even more so. Between you and me I had completely lost all interest, leaving me with nothing to report. I suspect I was completely overwhelmed. By the time the London shows rolled around I was dizzy from the entire experience. There is a great deal of talent out there and let’s face it we can’t walk around naked.

I love it all, the fashion that is, truly I do—just, not enough.

The fact is, before the culmination of the first week’s presentations I had strayed, researching instead Byzantine and Ottoman Empire dress because let’s face it, those lot had excess amounts of swag!


With that said, you could always check out these impressive offerings from:

The Blonds (jaw dropping, awesome collection), Preen, Temperly and Delpozo.