Close to the wall

October proved to be a challenging month. I have to admit at times I resisted all news outlets and would leave my home with the most precaution!

What is going on–so much conflict, so much turmoil? In my previous Blog (some time ago now), I wrote a continuing piece as the captain of my own spaceship navigating the galaxy in search of my elusive one true love.  I now find myself tempted to restart those engines again in search of a galaxy, home to the planet PEACE.

I’m sounding idealistic it’s true but recently as I leave my abode I do so in the manner of a cat burglar wishing to traverse the streets inconspicuously taking nimble light footed steps close to the wall obscured by it’s shadow.

I don’t care to retell the latest stories in the news headlines and neither do you, but my ability to comprehend the world that I inhabit is lessening.

I seek the “Others” the Philosophers, the Expansive Thinkers, those that simply wish to converse to connect in some way with another human outside of the narrative that prevails in society today—conflict, judgement and the oppression of those outside of the realm of perceived “influence”.

 I walk close to the wall and pass no one. No pleasantries to exchange it’s true, no duels either. See the man on the corner with the megaphone blurting out our misdeeds. I pass by close to the wall where his revelations waft right by me.  I walk close to the wall and understand that it is no sanctuary. I walk close to the wall in order that I may regroup and re emerge stronger, better equipped. That’s what you do when you captain a space ship.