The Would-be Florist

In the month of December just before the Holidays I enjoyed breakfast with a good friend of mine who just happens to be an exceptional gardener. He is what I would refer to as a “mature” friend, one whose company I delight in.  Despite his age he remains youthful. He cycles and swims–a lot; has a tall, agile physique and dresses in designer labels, but not in an obnoxious way if you know what I mean. I jump at the slightest opportunity to enjoy his company and soak up his wisdom—which tends to lean on the dry side. We left our café and strolled a little. Across the street a window stopped us in our tracks. It was a flower shop. Not the average shop mind you. There are no flowers in the window, no buckets of stems or sample arrangements to choose from, just a gift shop by all appearances. In the window there hung these exquisite bursts of intergalactic fire dust balls of glitter and shiny particles meant to hang from some humongous Christmas tree, doorframe or ceiling perhaps.  These ornaments simply took our breath away. Although we didn’t express it in the moment we knew that we both intended to buy up as many of those balls we could carry each. When I returned to the florist the next day I stood in the front of the establishment for quite some time completely alone until a hurried female came from the rear (where all the magic happens) to inquire if I need any assistance. It is soon obvious why they have no need to advertise their services. Over the intercom orders are being dispatched for A List industry royalty, one recognisable name after another. I wanted to hang out. Perhaps they would permit me to make tea or take a message from Cate Blanchett when she calls to place an order. “May I,” I inquired, “you know–help out, in the back and create beauty—with you, just for an afternoon.” “I’m sorry luv,” came the reply “but this is a professional place of business. Did you say you had experience working with flowers before?” “Well, not exactly,” I responded sheepishly. I bought a number of the starbursts that hung in the window, and happily so might I add, then sent them to the people who shine brightest in my life. Happy New Year!