As most of you know my foray into the realm of Social Media has been a reluctant one.

Those who indulge in Geisha are a dynamic, sophisticated lot; engaged in life with little time to “follow” (anything) surely.  Yet I occasionally receive wonderful words of encouragement with regards to pieces written and thus reminded that you do check in and remain just as eager to connect as I am with you.

Recently I joined Instagram, with much hesitation admittedly.  “Oh if only I were home in the UK,” I bemoaned. “Or in some other metropolis. I could simply step out onto the street point and shoot.” Here in Los Angeles we get into our car and drive. It’s not easy driving whilst attempting to capture the perfect shot you know.

Last Sunday I ventured Downtown. This part of Los Angeles was a previous “dump” where one never ventured unless absolutely necessary. Well, I had a fantastic time. Downtown LA is booming–no really! The last few years of concentrated renovation on many of the previously neglected, magnificent, structures, has, definitely paid off. The streets were teeming with people. I felt like I was in New York! Ok I’m getting carried away. But all we need now are the Designers, and it’s on!

Needles to say I am enjoying this and look forward to continue to find ways to connect with, YOU.

bali_james     (Instagram)

Photo: Bali James   They knew they looked gorgeous and graciously posed. The moment was fleeting