All Consuming

Well the thing is, the World Cup has held me captive since the first whistle blow. I have been completely enthralled, even though England was knocked out in the early stages. I expected it, we all did, and it hurt, but then one must accept defeat and move on. I can honestly say, I have been having a spectacular time. This past Saturday I went with some friends to a favourite destination in the city to watch the games. The crowd was particularly rowdy and 95 percent French. “Allez les Bleus” was chanted most of the 90 mins and Champagne accompanied well presented plates of eggs benedict, it was 9am after all. We all know the outcome of that game and Germany are a formidable team; however, France definitely had the better uniform!

Say what you will, I’m going with Argentina.

I’ll be back to my normal self soon and look forward to writing. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience this month.