The First Year

Guess what? This blog has just turned One! As in Happy Anniversary or Birthday, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

All the self congrattulary praising aside, I must say I feel rather chauffed! One year of being completing committed to by miniscule corner in cyber space.

May I share how amazed I am knowing that people read my work in such far away places as Sri Lanka and Romania–truly mind blown’. Thank you!

I shall continue on and with an unexpected renewed vigour, which is exciting. I had contemplated writing a really seductive, almost X rated short story for this month (not sure why). The intention was to base it on a piece I had previously written for one of my English Professors whom I admired immensely, but decided against it–probably best.

Below are the title pieces of 2014 that I enjoyed writing the most. I’d love to know yours:

The Latest Collections

Newspapers and Telephones

Just Do It!

The Forgotten

Love Love A$AP


Headpieces and Undergarments

The Assistant


C’est tout


Photo by: Bali James