On 7th

I moved into my new office space on the 1st and I have to say it has yet to make up its mind, design speaking that is. I have no idea which direction to take. Actually what I should say is that I am all over the place.

Korea Town in Los Angeles is a vibrant hub in the city. There is no other part of town that compares. Below me are Korean eateries and watering holes, one in particular is heavily frequented by an amalgamation of OG Korean “business” men along with bearded Hipsters with leggy girlfriends in tow.

At fist I avoided going to my new workspace, it needed so much work that the thought of it caused a good dose of procrastination. I repaired all the walls then painted them the brightest white, which I must say caused me to gaze at them with a “deer in headlights” sort of state of bewilderment. Finally I began adding items–anything really, and loads of it. Once again I felt overwhelmed and would take epic afternoon naps resting on a delightfully worn Persian rug by the windows.

Today I am tackling the situation head-on, (being how I am writing about it) and things feel a little more manageable.

I’ll keep you posted.