On the eve of our new year I was sitting at home finalising details on a project I had been quietly working on for much of 2015. Los Angeles is not the most imaginative city when it comes to festivities and I felt more than happy to to bring in 2016 on a more reflective note.

I thought about all that I had accomplished over the past year and personally made a commitment to continue and expand upon my endeavors. But at the forefront of my thoughts was the terrible violence that is prevalent seemingly everywhere.

Remember when beauty pageant contestants had to talk about what they would strive to achieve should they win? Most of the women would invariably say they wished for or would like to bring about world peace. I distinctly recall watching one such show as a teenager at home and everyone rolling their eyes dismissing the beauty pageant hopeful as; well, a beauty pageant contestant.

Now, Peace seems so elusive. Like running water the five letter word slips through our fingers as something completely “other” and unattainable. I don’t mean to get to deep, I should be telling you about the new items I am working on to add to my line but considering the magnitude of turmoil that we face globally I thought it best to do so some other time.

If I want to get in to it with you then I suspect you would like some ideas as to how we might truly embrace Peace and allow the concept to envelop our lives as a way of being. Needless to say I don’t have one–I know. What I will offer is that what I comprehend is that Peace begins with me as an individual: how I navigate the world every day and how I treat others–in kindness, with patience, free from violence, without any hatred, most importantly with LOVE.

More LOVE, in abundance, that it may become our point of reference for all matters.

PEACE–like everywhere, to the far corners of this beautiful earth

Geisha Body/Perfume Oil to aid in one’s most worthy attempts.


xoxo I love you–PEACE!