The Essentials

travel shot 2

Much turmoil and tragedy in our every waking moment of late. I have found myself avoiding news portals in the hopes of sustaining a sense of peace and tranquility. Now, I am by no means promoting an “ignorance is bliss” stance but I have decided to make a concerted effort to concentrate on creating a more pleasurable immediate world to inhabit. Therefore over the past year I have written extensively. I have designed a new range of accessories with which to carry essential, although some might consider unnecessary objects within–little do they know. I now, in this post, encourage a vacation, even if it be a simple drive along the coast. I say this because I reside in the USA, and from what I can tell Americans work a whole lot, and seldom take advantage of their accumulated vacation days.

We are now in the month of June. It was 95 degrees today in Los Angeles. Summer is here and I am going to enjoy every minute of it and I’d like you to also. Might I suggest some packing essentials:

Ritual Perfume Oil

Allure Body Oil

Moonflower Body Wash

French Clay Mask

One of our new beautifully made coin/lipstick purses or our slightly larger size, perfect for ones passport, phone, jewelry and other non related items.

Sunglasses, money, bikini, trekking attire, evening wear all packed neatly into one carry on, because who wants to suffer baggage claim?

Bon voyage!