London Calling

For those of you who check out my Instagram from time to time, you will know that I was recently in London. What a smashing time. The city never ceases to amaze and delight. New buildings are everywhere, in stark contrast to those who have hundreds of years of tales to tell. Regardless of the juxtaposition, everything marries together perfectly.

It had been sometime since I was last home. I walked everywhere, and made a point of not wearing headphones so that I might enjoy spontaneous conversations with fellow pedestrians should the opportunity arise. And I am happy to say I shared many wonderful exchanges with the most interesting people.

I walked the pavements and felt inspired by the magnificence of the city and the warmth of the people,  all of whom are so very unique, which is why London is so great.

One afternoon I happened by The Royal Albert Hall and enjoyed a long conversation with a lady who was in line for the evening’s concert, a mere three or four hours or so away. She spoke with wisdom on love, her career, loss, independence and her ongoing affair (she was close to retirement by the way). It was the most random and honest moment, one I shall treasure. But I shared many special moments for I was open to the experience, I was looking for stories……


Portobello Road: Possibly my favorite capture.


Liverpool Street: Depicting the undeniable growth of the city.


Covent Garden: Street life


Holland Park: The beautiful.


I know I said I walked everywhere, but sometimes I took The Tube: Characters


This is everywhere! What is one to do!


All Saints Road: Neighbourhoods invariably change. Some were hardly recognisable.


Those unexpected encounters: Stamford Hill, on my way to Shoreditch via Dalston. (Beauty Queens).


Kensington Gardens with clouds that day befitting a Turner oil painting.


The pomp of the Victoria and Albert Museum. The V&A Museum is a treasure.


I’m just trying to connect with, YOU!