On Beauty

On Beauty, is definitely going to be a regular feature here in the coming months. The question put forth to unsuspecting interviewees: “Is there something, a particular ritual perhaps that makes you feel beautiful?”

In the first video, Noura describes the aid of something topical and its resulting effect which makes her feel good/beautiful, whereas Alex feels beautiful when having exercised, finding strength in her physical abilities and accomplishments. Later, having watched this video a couple of times I paused to contemplate the countless females around the world who do not have the good fortune to be able to partake in sports,  never to experience that post-exercise beauty glo, perhaps only comprehending  beauty as something purely constructed and linear–which in actuality is how most understand beauty as a subject.

The second video I have enjoyed watching numerous times, what an amazing young woman. Her beauty being directly connected to her emotional wellbeing–her confidence. What Chloe is in touch with is how her beauty is not linked to a certain construct. Chloe may go an entire week without looking in the mirror and have complete confidence in herself and within that, feels beautiful. Chloe encourages us to eschew the narrative at large and resist focusing on our flaws.

I’m feeling inspired! Hope you are too.