In Reality

Those of you who know me personally are more than aware that Feb 14th is without question my favorite day of the year. This has nothing to do with sales, although we are always inundated from panicked men in desperate need of our willingness to ensure their last minute Valentine Day’s orders make it to their intended recipients on time. We go the extra mile for love, and happy to do so! Yesterday I attempted to engage in discussions regarding the very subject whenever possible, and I must say with little success. I was met with a great deal of resistance!

I sent out “I Love You” texts and made a few calls receiving obligatory responses that somehow missed the mark. Do they understand that I really do love them I thought. Do I show love in my everyday exchanges? Are people aware that it is my foundation, the force that propels me out of my morning starting blocks at the beginning of the daily race?

I often sign off  these posts with “I’m just trying to connect with you,” but I am not sure people are aware that this is the actual truth. I don’t write these words as some sort of promotional exercise, I write because I am indeed making my best effort to connect.

I sincerely hope you had a LOVE day yesterday, and I am not particularly referencing the traditional notion either.

All sorts of bizarre and incomprehensible things going on in the world, and I, like most of us have no answers. So this is my narrative. It’s all I have really. Hope you feel it too.