Down South–Large portions preferred.


Recently, I have had to spend some time in Houston, Texas for a project. Anyone who knows me is well aware of my passion for travel. Although I have lived in the USA for many years now, I can honestly say that I have seen very little of it. I travel solo most of the time, but have felt it unwise to do so here (I mean no offence). I have always wanted to go down South, but again felt hesitant to go. When asked to complete my present project I was so excited, and jumped at the opportunity, especially since the weather in Los Angeles of late is bizarrely poor.

Well, Houston is not what I imaged any place in Texas to be.  The image above is of a couple who bade me a good morning as I passed by their porch one Sunday as I enjoyed a solitary stroll. I had been to a small art museum which was exhibiting the work of the American artist CY Twombly.

“Hello there young lady,” the pair called out as I walked past. “Good morning,”

“Good morning,” I replied.

Maybe such pleasantries may seem like no big deal. But increasingly no-one says anything to anybody. In Houston; however, everyone I have encountered is so congenial, It is so refreshing.

On impulse I turned back around. I asked if I could approach them and walked up a short path to where they were sitting. I thought they were so cool, and genuine in nature and appearance. I told them that their greeting had made me feel so good, and asked if  I could take a photo, to which they obliged. Their names are Jeff and Claire. If you look closely you can see that Jeff has a Bob Marley teeshirt on.  Claire had air of scenerity. I didn’t linger, but the exchange was sweet.

Statistically, Houston is the most diverse city in America. This was perhaps one of the fist things I noticed. Culture lives here.

Last Sunday I went to my first Rodeo. Talk about a good time. I saw children riding large sheep,  hanging on for dear life as the sheep ran trying to shake them loose as though they were a bull. After the Rodeo a huge Mexican band called Calibre 50 played and the NRG stadium went wild.

I am a long way from LA that is certain.

Apparently Houston has a great Chinatown. Gonna check it out before I leave.

I’m just trying to connect with, YOU!




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