Where I Live


In my previous post I wrote about being away for an extended period of time, well two months to be exact.

Having recently returned. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be home. Home, as in California. As a foreigner when speaking of ‘home’ it invariably meant that I was referring to the UK and, in a way it is still, but something has changed.

I love living in LA: the sun, the ease, the mountains, the sea. I visited the ocean yesterday and soaked in it’s beauty. I then stopped by a friend’s place for tea and excess amounts of cake.

The day after arriving home I came upon these two beautiful ladies sitting in my driveway as they often do for an evening chat with one another when the sun begins to go down. This day there were only two, but they usually roll in a major squad.

“Billy!” they exclaimed, (they call me Billy for some reason, and I have yet to correct them) “You are home. Where have you been? We missed you.” 20180427_184351


I’m just trying to connect with, YOU!


2 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. My Darling Bali! I cannot believe I’ve virtually met a somewhat “equal”. What you give me (the world) in word and scent truly transcends words of the multiple languages I know. Peace my friend. As I cherish your existence! Bailie 💚☘️💚

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