Summer Games.

I know what you must be thinking. What could possibly be the correlation between these two photographs? And the confusion is understandable. Well, if I may explain. When The World Cup comes around, I come to a virtual standstill. What can I say, I go all out for my team. So deep is my passion that I go as far to write about it on my blog, which is supposed to be dedicated to my product line–I know!

I should point out; however, that before I put on a pair of trainers (which are necessary to jump around in when your team scores multiple goal after goal) I apply Ritual, requisite to begin my day with. The two go hand in hand. Naturally I am asked what it is I am wearing, and I know the question is not aimed at the shoes. Those who wear the scent are undoubtedly familiar with the question.

How about you? Are you cheering for your national team? Do you swear by Ritual?

blue trainer

I love the summer, and connecting with–YOU!