Goodness Greatness. What Great News!​


It has been two years since my first book was completed. After its publication, I took a little time away from writing.  Before long ideas emerged and I soon found myself jotting down notes and recording sentences on my phone lest they evaporate never to be recalled again.

Book Two-When Greatness Prevails is greater in length. The stories engage the reader much in the same way as in Book One and are just as varying in nature. I am very proud of this second body of work. I grew immensely during the process and embraced the idea that greater depths of myself were yet to be explored.

The other day I met a young man who had read my first book! He spoke about certain characters, Mr. Dewberry being one of them. I had been so immersed with my next set of stories I had almost forgotten about Book One. It was nice to revisit and encouraging to have such genuine positive feedback.

I know people read just in the same way that people still listen to music or enjoy movies. So, I am going to continue writing because in the end

I’m just trying to connect with, YOU!


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