This is not in keeping with my usual content; however, I am bursting at the seams and feel the need to share. I don’t know how you feel but I can only say that I don’t think I can bear to hear about any more tragedy, as in people being killed whilst praying or going about their daily routine like shopping or waiting for a bus. I cannot bear to hear any more bigotry or cruel finger pointing from our leaders. I can’t bear to see the bewilderment and or frustration on my friend’s faces. I cannot bear to feign that there is nothing I can do about it. I don’t want to sit to one side as an onlooker and pretend none of this affects me. I want to live in a society that values me and the people that inhabit this beautiful world. I want to say “PEACE” to a stranger and for them to say “PEACE” back to me–and mean it.

And, it is not just after the events in New Zealand this weekend. I am feeling the effects of a culmination of one tragedy after another. One brutal incident after another.

Where do we start? Simple gestures of respect and kindness daily. What would they be to you?  We can only encounter respect and gratitude by showing respect and gratitude? We know these things but we are immersed in vulgar times and such congenialities have fallen by the wayside.

Do you think there could be a global march for PEACE, one on every continent in every nation? The Women’s Marches were put together in a nanosecond.

Today I asked a colleague if he would partake in such an activity–a march for PEACE, to which he replied: “well, it would have to be on a weekend.”

I’m gonna keep marching on…

I’m just tryin’ to connect with–YOU!