since then I’ve been thinking

Since my previous post, I have felt a definite urge to follow up with something less apocalyptic. I’m exaggerating clearly but last weeks events hit home really hard. There are shooting and tragedy on a daily basis and to be honest I try hard to shield myself from such painful realities.  Perhaps last week I had tuned in to the world at large to a greater extent than usual. The onslaught of despair proved too much for me to make any sense of.

A few days on, I cannot say that I feel much different, but I am thankful for the kind phone calls and messages I received. “You alright Bali?”

And just like most, I am fine.

Chevalier’s Bookstore on Larchmont Blvd invited me to join in an event of sorts on a particular day in April (I’ll fill you in closer to the date). They said I was one of their favourite writers! I know–really? Maybe Book Three will be more socially conscious with an emphasis on PEACE, or LOVE or PEACE and LOVE. Probably not but there is always that possibility.

I’m just tryin’ to connect with–YOU!