Cosmic Inclinations





If you purchase items from my product line then you know the importance of presentation in everything we do. One thing for certain is that I have the most wonderful customers.

I have been happy to say that Geisha is being shared more. “Can you please send these items to this person and include one of your cards please,” proves a recurring request.

It is easily five years ago or more now that I first created a line of cards one for every zodiac sign and then, well, I guess I forgot about them! A few months ago I found the cards in a cabinet and was instantly committed to the idea of using them. As you might imagine my skills in the medium of collage had definitely grown. All but three cards had to be redone. But, the three originals I kept are still solid.

I have included a few as a teaser. The cards shall be available online very soon together with the option of purchasing prints. Send one to your ‘cosmic bestie‘–so unexpected.taurus-1.jpg


I’m just trying to connect with YOU!


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