About Town

One of the recent items on my radar has been to catch The Art Of Korean Writing exhibit at LACMA before it disappeared. The installation is concise yet well executed in a large format and rich in tone. Currently the museum is (and shall for quite some time to come) undergoing a major renovation, but don’t let that deter you.

Don’t or worry I have no idea what is written either but this piece or work is so large and formidable I am not sure that it matters.

My long favorite pastime is to cycle about town. Whether riding alongside rice fields on  a far away continent or cruising along the sun drenched streets of LA I realise I have found my happiness when cruising on two wheels. I should note however; the traffic in Los Angeles is not the best and drivers are real beasts but other than that…..

I stopped at this restaurant called TSBUAKI. I have been curious about this place for so long. It’s not so easy to stop when in the car but on a bicycle it’s a snap. I happened by well before opening hours but the chef let me in to browse the menu, which was cool but my real interest was to take a snap of their amazing bar! I am certain the food in this establishment is excellent but I intend to go sit at that counter and admire its beauty for the best part of a good evening.

Up the road from TSUBUAKI I stumbled upon KONBI another Japanese spot, it was also closed due to filming. I really wanted to go in. It’s tiny, and from what I could see exceptionally well designed. There was a menu pasted on the inside of the window–mainly traditional Japanese sandwiches and other authentic dishes. The seating is limited, gotta find out when it’s quiet.

I simply must experience this place–Echo Park, Los Angeles.
Korean alphabet in Hangeul script. Tradition on full display at LACMA

If you continue on Mulholland Drive you shall encounter the canyons of Griffith Park, a true place of solace for me. I don’t think I could survive LA without them.

                                   Sundown, still cruising on two wheels.

I often say this, but I do realise my good fortune being able to call this city home.

         I don’t know, but this might be the best thing on display at LACMA!

peace bad trioOn a final note and completely unrelated to my jaunt about town on my bike but a customer emailed me the other day because for some reason (undoubtedly my fault) my PEACE Bag had disappeared from our website making it impossible for her to place an order! Needless to say it is back up and I am so grateful for all the wonderful and beautiful people who enjoy our line. If you want to talk about PEACE drop me a line or better, call–no really! I want to live in a peaceful world and I am certain you feel the same.

I’m just trying to connect with–YOU!