November 2019

Like many, as the year draws closer to its conclusion I am feeling rather reflective. I often say how much I tend to prefer the kindness of even-numbered years. “The kindness of even-numbered years,” what does that mean? The answer is nothing, what am I talking about? I have to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed odd-numbered 2019. I achieved so much, and definitely want to carry the enthusiasm I have felt about this year into the next.

When cycling about town last week I found myself in The Arts District. I made a refreshment pitstop at the courtyard of Hauser and Wirth. There is not much going on in the Arts District really, a few places to eat and an abundance of new corporate apartment (at least that is how they come across) buildings. Gentrification in full effect and showing no signs of abating. Need I say more? I am sure you are more than familiar with it.

I did; however, park down on the floor across from a fantastic neon sign. I sat staring up at it for quite some time. In full it said “Everything Will Be Alright,” which I consider words to live by. “Be alright, Be alright,” I focused on the two words, mesmerised perhaps. The words resonated as they proclaimed what I felt in that exact moment as in “I am alright–perfectly fine. With that, I am going to keep striving for excellence and impart the results onto you.

I intend to contribute more content to this blog actually–no really!. I enjoy my honest attempts to connect. I enjoy communicating with you.

I just might post one last time before the year ends, seems like an excellent idea!

I’m just trying to connect with-YOU!



In case you haven’t noticed, it’s November. If like me it is your birthday month then I salute you fantastic Scorpio–everyone’s dream.