Ritual Perfume Oil

ritual and patchouli cropped

It’s a new year, and, so far I am more than pleased with 2020. I know that towards the end of last year I was promising to post more content on Social Media. The only thing is, well; I find the entire platform somewhat unappealing, as in I, find ‘self-promotion’ rather distasteful. I have been wrangling with this predicament for some time now. This Blog is an extension of my website and is supposed to serve as a platform to inform and engage my patrons.

Above, I have included two images of the Ritual Perfume Oil which along with Maiko Body Oil is our most requested item (not to mention the only fragrance I wear). Notice how Ritual, although, accompanied by an additional item from the Line, is surrounded by multiple other products–that’s me not wanting to seem to indulge in you know– ‘attention-seeking.’

“Ohhhhh!” I hear my friends wailing. “Get over it, and while you’re at it can you post more on IG, we love your photos!”

I live in America. Those who shout the loudest shall undoubtedly enjoy the warmth of spot-light, it’s just how it works. I strongly feel, however; that above anything I must engage with honesty and genuine intent to communicate. I wish to convey that however I chose to interact, that the gesture is true, not focused on me but you! 


I’m just trying to connect with you.