Paris, Paris!

My goodness, where to begin? In four days time, I (before all that is happening in the world at this moment that is) would have been headed on a direct flight to Paris. It has been perhaps six years since I was last there and I was very much looking forward to my visit.

On my travels last year I met the sweetest person in Cuba, an instant true friend. I was looking forward to spending time with him and anticipated being shown a Paris that I was unfamiliar with, a Paris that only locals know–what could be better.

I had also intended to do a great deal of shooting to incorporate into a body of artwork I shall have coming out later this year. We have to learn to adapt I guess, be flexible and accept what is in front of us. Los Angeles’ architecture does not compare to Paris but you all know how much I love this city, I’ll find what I need here.

I have been pondering for a while now how I could connect with you in an uplifting way. Most of us are feeling anxious and I definitely don’t want to add any negativity to a situation which feels so bizarre and out of control. So, I decided to share a go-to list Netflix for the house-bound.  Be warned, in my household right now we primarily watch light, comedic content. We also play a great deal of SCRABBLE which always ends up being a great deal of fun.

Alors, Paris is still in my dreams meanwhile; I’m just trying to connect with–YOU!


Netflix relief:

Toast of London–hilarious

Norsemen–so funny

Step Brothers–I love Will Farrell

Giri/Haji–excellent show, I have it on all the time. It gets better and better

Top Boy–awesome. (Watch Top Boy Summerhouse first if you have not already).

Peaky Blinders–I mean, just watch it again and then again!

Queen–a Bollywood dream

A Very Big Shot–unexpectedly funny and so good

The Burial Of Kojo–a cinematic beauty

Flavourful Origins–cos lets face it, we are all at home cooking and stuffing our faces.