As Things Change

gated clothes shop

I have resisted writing about the ever-present pandemic that has and continues to loom over us mainly because it has impacted us all in so many different ways that I found the subject (perhaps) too sensitive to tackle in all seriousness.

Here in Los Angeles things are easing up (as is the case in many countries now), and it feels good to slowly regain ‘some’ normalcy after such a difficult time.

I have a confession to make, I have been a little consumed with what I shall wear once it is no longer acceptable to live in what is basically work-out gear.

Well I tell you what, I am coming back as a full-blown FASHIONISTA–no really I am! I am going to look fantastic on a daily basis. I promise myself to only wear exercise gear when I am cycling, hiking, or kicking ass at the dojo.

I aim to indulge in my renewed interest in clothing and embrace my new found passion with, well–passion! Strangely, I have been thinking about clothes to the extent that I had a dream where a friend of mine made a public appearance completely decked out from head to toe in the boldest of Versace prints one could possibly imagine. I am not sure he is even remotely familiar with the luxury fashion house.

To date in LA, clothing retail stores still stand with empty shelves, some boarded or gated up, but that will soon no longer be the case, and we all look forward to being able to congregate in the not too distant future. Until then we continue to observe the restrictions in place. I’m beginning to feel optimistic and I wish the same for you too.