How Many Days in June?

Things are moving in reverse here in California and I have to admit, my skies are feeling decidedly grey.

The Dojo I attend opened back up two weeks ago and I have been enjoying spending time again with others that like to ‘kick ass, ‘ I mean practice martial arts.

Productivity has been mine during lockdown and have a new item for Geisha that shall be up on the website in the next couple of weeks. I love my creative surges. I enjoy all aspects of my creativity and especially enjoy sharing the varying outcomes with you. My physical wellbeing is just as important and I am concerned to be quite honest that those doors are closing again due to the threat of an impending second lockdown.

I don’t know where you live, but here in LA where I reside everyone appears to have been spending a great deal of time gardening including myself, except that I am really not very good at it. Today I went on a jaunt around town to buy a more succulents as the last couple of beautiful specimens I purchased died. Yep even a cactus is not safe. I am learning a great deal and plan to attain the greenest of thumbs before the year ends.

I stopped by The Tropics in Hollywood, it’s a nursery of sorts for professionals but you can find small exotic items (for those on a modest budget) if you take the time to meander around. So I meandered and found that the place had changed somewhat since my last visit. There is now a substantial area dedicated to accessories. I felt like I had stumbled upon an oasis, it is an exceptional and beautifully curated space. I was alone and enjoyed being so as I lost myself to the surroundings.

Right now, like many, I am uncertain from one day to the next. I embrace the uncertainty of each day not with some naive positivity but with comprehension that while things are not great they could always be worse.

I’m just tryin’ to connect with–YOU!