marcy blue beads jpg

Intentional fundamental principles: LOVE, STRENGTH, FRIENDSHIP, HARMONY, ACCEPTANCE, & TRUTH

I’ve been considering how to best convey what I consider fundamental principles on a global scale–quite an undertaking.

I own a simple string of (plastic) beads that I purchased whilst enjoying travels in Cuba. I bought them from an elderly gentleman from his open window that looked onto a cobbled side street. We chatted for a short while and the sweetness of our encounter remains with me today. I mostly wear the necklace on special occasions, and love not only how it compliments my gold jewellery but more importantly how it makes me feel. This new collection is my attempt to “share” with you, in the hopes that you may do so in kind with those who matter most.

What I have to accept is that I cannot change the world. I can, however, do my sincere part to positively impact my immediate surroundings with the intent that such efforts just may travel far and wide.

I’m just trying to connect with–YOU!