Cooler Temperatures

I remember years ago now when I lived in Germany for a short period, asking an American friend (who was from Los Angeles) if it was ever cold there. In these cooler months, nothing changes much personally really, except that I use Shea Butter on my torso a great deal more, I cycle a little less and find myself enjoying the comforts of my home to a greater extent. One thing that I have noticed is that as the weather cools I tend to enhance Ritual with a little Patchouli which adds to Ritual’s hypnotic allure and sensuality.

I don’t need to remind anyone how difficult this year has been but as it draws to a close, I am feeling optimistic. Not certain but I think I can see the faint line of the horizon coming into view.

Spending more time inside during this time of the year I find music plays a greater role in the home. I thought I’d share a favourite which also highlights a place where I shall soon be residing for a while but I’ll expand upon that at a later date, hope you enjoy.

I’m just trying to connect with–YOU!


2 thoughts on “Cooler Temperatures

  1. Bali, you personally have without knowing have risen me up during my darkest times. Had I known what was ahead of us … well I’m fortunate I do not own a crystal ball!! Your positivity breeds positivity! A value passed on through generations of strong women in my family. Bonus! The innovative creation of your brand of highest quality you deliver…smile. Without comments (here) please know you’ve reached out and done your part locally and globally to make the world a better place.
    Common Local….
    ~Bailie 💚☘️💚

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