By Year’s End

Well hello there! How long has it been since I wrote here last? To long. I have often sat down to write a few words, something, anything, but always came up short.

I have new ideas to share and new things to show you. I have been productive but a little scattered. I endeavour to focus and streamline my thoughts. I do not intend to shy away from having my hands in a multitude of projects however; for I feel enthusiastic about my present creative energy and shall celebrate it to the fullest extent.

I have been taking so many photos of late, cooking up a storm, designing some rather fascinating projects and spending my time producing my art of which a few prints shall be made available on my site soon.

We are living in a crazy world. My home is my sanctuary. As you know I reside in Los Angeles and it has certainly changed, as places do I guess. We get older, and things that may not have troubled us in the past slowly feel intolerable. This once beautiful city is in a state of disrepair, with we, the inhabitants in despair.

I don’t mean to come off as shallow, but have you seen the latest collection from Louis Vuitton? It is so futuristic and so well executed I am sharing the link to the fantasy below. Please enjoy.

Actually, I have a renewed interest in fashion since the Pandemic. I am an undercover lover of it all, but I live in LA and it is as casual as the Australian Outback. I really don’t care what anyone else is wearing, I shall strut to my local supermarket looking fantastic, makeup and all.

I’ll write again soon, promise. You can always drop me a line and tell me how things are in your world.

I’m just tryin’ to connect with, YOU!

xoxo Bali