Former Yugoslavia

Tuesday at 4pm Radmilla stops by for our weekly rendezvous. I make tea, serve her cake, then in time take out pen and paper from my desk’s only drawer and settle down to the reason for her visit—correspondence. “This week Bali I wish to send a note of gratitude to my doctor’s assistant Sarah. I’m not sure of last name but it’s no matter.” Radmilla directs with usual authority. “What would you like me to say,” I ask “Just tell her how wonderful person she is, so stylish, so elegant even in nurse’s uniform. Just put in your words Bali, … Continue reading Former Yugoslavia


God the carriage is stifling, first class and the air is intermittent at best. I am in a compartment that is solely occupied by women interestingly clad in Victorian attire from head to toe.  I am myself overdressed and feel light headed from the heat, the after effect from my last meal and the churning of the locomotive. We are heading through dessert —it’s fuckin’ hot. One can only presume that we are being held captive en route to our destiny, why else would I be here in such a predicament. My travel companions appear to be on the brink … Continue reading Daydreamin’

Close to the wall

October proved to be a challenging month. I have to admit at times I resisted all news outlets and would leave my home with the most precaution! What is going on–so much conflict, so much turmoil? In my previous Blog (some time ago now), I wrote a continuing piece as the captain of my own spaceship navigating the galaxy in search of my elusive one true love.  I now find myself tempted to restart those engines again in search of a galaxy, home to the planet PEACE. I’m sounding idealistic it’s true but recently as I leave my abode I … Continue reading Close to the wall