1st and Trudie

The fact is, lemons began to get really expensive, upwards of six dollars a pound! My closet market sold them for three fifty each, which was simply incomprehensible. On Saturday mornings I would pose for a local artist in his home studio and would permit him to pay me in lemons, which he picked from his garden. This was an amicable exchange until the trees simply refused to continue to bear fruit. At the house on the corner of 1st and Trudie, the garden had four lemon trees amongst a couple of fig, and one avocado. One of the lemon … Continue reading 1st and Trudie

Former Yugoslavia

Tuesday at 4pm Radmilla stops by for our weekly rendezvous. I make tea, serve her cake, then in time take out pen and paper from my desk’s only drawer and settle down to the reason for her visit—correspondence. “This week Bali I wish to send a note of gratitude to my doctor’s assistant Sarah. I’m not sure of last name but it’s no matter.” Radmilla directs with usual authority. “What would you like me to say,” I ask “Just tell her how wonderful person she is, so stylish, so elegant even in nurse’s uniform. Just put in your words Bali, … Continue reading Former Yugoslavia


God the carriage is stifling, first class and the air is intermittent at best. I am in a compartment that is solely occupied by women interestingly clad in Victorian attire from head to toe.  I am myself overdressed and feel light headed from the heat, the after effect from my last meal and the churning of the locomotive. We are heading through dessert —it’s fuckin’ hot. One can only presume that we are being held captive en route to our destiny, why else would I be here in such a predicament. My travel companions appear to be on the brink … Continue reading Daydreamin’

Leaps and Bounds

I laughed when Janette informed me she had recently auditioned for the local Art Centre’s production of Alice and Wonderland. “The poster said “all ages, so that includes fat, weathered Has-Beens like me—ok,” she blurted out on our bus ride home. “I have nothing right now. Nothing that brings me any joy Bali, not a single thing. It’s rained the entire summer. I haven’t had sex in over a year and I’ve gained three pounds in the last seven days alone. I’m miserable alright, so do me a favour and give it a rest won’t you?” “Well have you been … Continue reading Leaps and Bounds

Just Do It!

He shuffled by slowly pushing his heavily laden bicycle at a snails pace. I held my breath for what seemed the entire duration it took for him to pass. I wished to help but knew I ran the risk of offence. I wracked my brain for the appropriate words to say, the simplest gesture—something. I closed my eyes to distance myself from the chaos all around seeking the perfect introduction in stillness.  I opened my eyes readied to attempt the over thought out approach—but The Ricksaw Man was gone. Continue reading Just Do It!

I’ve been hit!

“Mum can you bring down the graffiti remover please,” I bellowed up to the back of the house where my mother was making us both morning coffee, “it’s in the cupboard to the left of the dishwasher–top shelf.” “Ok luv,” she called back. “Everything alright?” “No Mum. I was hit again last night.” It’s a silly situation really, one that I now realise would have best been left alone. Coming home late from a party one night I came upon three youths tagging the wall in front of my home. A less than enjoyable exchange ensued with threats made (from … Continue reading I’ve been hit!

In the afternoon

The summons came by way of a telephone call Tuesday morning. “Bali, Stephanie Mendleton here for Patricia Weybridge how are you? Ms Weybridge would like to invite you for afternoon tea Friday 7th at three thirty, Jonathans. May I make a confirmation with you? “Oh yes,” I replied “Excellent I look forward to it.” “Bali, just a note. Expect Patricia to be late; however, I suggest that you be specifically on time ok. Just a heads up that all.” I appreciated the “lookin’ out” and conveyed my gratitude to Stephanie before hanging up. Tea with Patricia: editor, maven, and renowned … Continue reading In the afternoon