bank holiday weekend

September 1st means two things: Carnival in London, and the marking of summer’s imminent departure. Here in Southern California, our summer is just getting under way after a rather delayed start. Sitting in my workroom on this quiet Monday morning, I realise that I have not traveled this year at all–nowhere! Those who know me best are aware that I am an adventurer at heart, and kindly indulge me as I lament my lack of foreign excursions. 2014 continues to amaze. I am being swept along in a wave of productivity of late that I simply cannot give any resistance … Continue reading bank holiday weekend

All Consuming

Well the thing is, the World Cup has held me captive since the first whistle blow. I have been completely enthralled, even though England was knocked out in the early stages. I expected it, we all did, and it hurt, but then one must accept defeat and move on. I can honestly say, I have been having a spectacular time. This past Saturday I went with some friends to a favourite destination in the city to watch the games. The crowd was particularly rowdy and 95 percent French. “Allez les Bleus” was chanted most of the 90 mins and Champagne … Continue reading All Consuming


Alison Berg of the Collectista recently stopped by to ask me a few questions , such fun, and the questions were good. Please enjoy. WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS? It’s a continuum really, an amalgamation of my professional and personal experiences. The process is fluid, ever-expanding and more identifiable on some days than others. The process is a coming together of my background as a decorative artist, my love of art history, my fascination with the female, and my bid to better comprehend her in all her beautiful complexities. The process is dialogue, the sharing of stories, a commitment to expansive … Continue reading Interview