Warning: The video below contains images of an explicit sexual content. If you think you may be offended please do not continue. With that said the British Museum (that spectacular institution that I was dragged to as an unappreciative school girl) has a current Japanese exhibit of Shunga on display until January 2014.  Although the literal translation of Shunga is “spring pictures” rest assured Shunga is erotic art at it’s very best.  Revered in Japan for three hundred years the genre was prohibited for a period. The works of Hokusai and Utamara represent the level of mastery exhibited in an exceptionally … Continue reading Shunga

Sound Systems, Floats and Bikinis

Each year since the early 1960’s the  UK’s Notting Hill Carnival brings summer to a close on the streets of London. It’s a spectacular celebration of music and the very unique amalgamation of peoples being the foundation of British culture.  Residing in Los Angeles means I have regrettably been unable to participate in the revelries for sometime. I am convinced that most of my readers are well informed, cultured individuals quite familiar with the phenomena Carnival.  With that in mind I began rummaging around hoping to find a less featured view of the event to highlight. I stumbled across this … Continue reading Sound Systems, Floats and Bikinis