She used to be an absolute stunner, Geraldine that is. Her window was situated dead centre enjoying the greatest visibility of any other “business” on the street and for many years this coveted positioning remained hers unchallenged.  Exactly when the flight began to take place Geraldine is uncertain, but in the most gradual way patronage began to drop off. Perhaps it was with the advent of those long legged, doe eyed hypnotic African beauties from the land of Exotica that started it all. Then again it could have been with the influx of the Eastern girls with their contrary nature and aloofness that had the clientèle so captivated. No matter the impetus, interest in Geraldine’s services began to wane.

One year she was asked to move a couple of stores down to the right.

“Gotta give some of the new birds a chance Geri Luv it’s only fair,” explained Samuel the establishment’s General Custodian of sorts.

The request was naturally humiliating but she moved without protest and set up business from a less auspicious storefront. The window was definitely smaller, however it was not as though you couldn’t see her, she was still an attraction.  Time passed and the moves to the right became more frequent yet Geraldine embraced them as a right of passage how otherwise could she cope with the cruelty of ageing in a profession that she should have withdrawn from long ago. One morning as Geraldine walked up to her storefront she noticed something that had not occurred to her before; there were no other spaces to her right, her window was the very last storefront on the street. Geraldine was the last option, a Hobson’s choice at best.

“What am I gonna do Sammy?” she asked her old friend as the two shared sandwiches and a couple of lagers on her stoop. “I have become one of The Forgetten,”

They sat next to each other for sometime in silence and Geraldine was comforted by his presence.

“You know I’m movin’ on at the end of the month,” Samuel muttered breaking the silence. I’ve been putting a few bob away here and there over the years and bought a place in Spain. Has this incredible orchard on the property, thought I’d make preserves!  They laughed heartily then fell into a silence again. Samuel finished his lager and turned to face Geraldine as he got up to leave.  “Come with me sweetheart, what are we doin’ here? I’m old and you’re past it no disrespect mind you. Let’s be together, you’re my truest friend Princess—I love you.”

“I’m not the girl I used to be anymore you know Sammy,” Geraldine professed apologetically.

“I should bloody well hope not!”  Samuel chuckled.  “You coming then?” he beckoned extending his hand. She grasped it firmly, together they turned right and were gone.