Ritual Perfume Oil

If you are familiar with the line, then you will spot a Ritual Perfume Oil in the image above. Lauren King of ElleKae introduced her readers us earlier this year, and we were happy to be included in a recent multi million dollar product give away to one very lucky subscriber of her blog. If you are not already a loyal follower of http://www.Ellekae.com do check the site out. Lauren is absolutely beautiful, and writes well too! xoBali. Photo: Lauren King Continue reading Ritual Perfume Oil

OMG Bali!

When I first came to this country I could scarcely drive. Coming from Europe, driving was seldom required and one might say impractical. All the same, I had somehow passed my test, and in the beginning drove in Los Angeles on my international license. I purchased a VW Beetle, an old one, which I loved. I had learnt to drive on a stick but it had been sometime since I had actually changed gears. What a mess! It would take me about five, sweat inducing minutes to travel but a hundreds meters. The stalling! The complete lack of comprehension of … Continue reading OMG Bali!

On 7th

I moved into my new office space on the 1st and I have to say it has yet to make up its mind, design speaking that is. I have no idea which direction to take. Actually what I should say is that I am all over the place. Korea Town in Los Angeles is a vibrant hub in the city. There is no other part of town that compares. Below me are Korean eateries and watering holes, one in particular is heavily frequented by an amalgamation of OG Korean “business” men along with bearded Hipsters with leggy girlfriends in tow. At … Continue reading On 7th

Bank Holiday Weekend

September 1st means two things: Carnival in London, and the marking of summer’s imminent departure. Here in Southern California, our summer is just getting under way after a rather delayed start. Sitting in my workroom on this quiet Monday morning, I realise that I have not traveled this year at all–nowhere! Those who know me best are aware that I am an adventurer at heart, and kindly indulge me as I lament my lack of foreign excursions. 2014 continues to amaze. I am being swept along in a wave of productivity of late that I simply cannot give any resistance … Continue reading Bank Holiday Weekend