All Consuming

Well the thing is, the World Cup has held me captive since the first whistle blow. I have been completely enthralled, even though England was knocked out in the early stages. I expected it, we all did, and it hurt, but then one must accept defeat and move on. I can honestly say, I have been having a spectacular time. This past Saturday I went with some friends to a favourite destination in the city to watch the games. The crowd was particularly rowdy and 95 percent French. “Allez les Bleus” was chanted most of the 90 mins and Champagne … Continue reading All Consuming

Former Yugoslavia

Tuesday at 4pm Radmilla stops by for our weekly rendezvous. I make tea, serve her cake, then in time take out pen and paper from my desk’s only drawer and settle down to the reason for her visit—correspondence. “This week Bali I wish to send a note of gratitude to my doctor’s assistant Sarah. I’m not sure of last name but it’s no matter.” Radmilla directs with usual authority. “What would you like me to say,” I ask “Just tell her how wonderful person she is, so stylish, so elegant even in nurse’s uniform. Just put in your words Bali, … Continue reading Former Yugoslavia


As most of you know my foray into the realm of Social Media has been a reluctant one. Those who indulge in Geisha are a dynamic, sophisticated lot; engaged in life with little time to “follow” (anything) surely.  Yet I occasionally receive wonderful words of encouragement with regards to pieces written and thus reminded that you do check in and remain just as eager to connect as I am with you. Recently I joined Instagram, with much hesitation admittedly.  “Oh if only I were home in the UK,” I bemoaned. “Or in some other metropolis. I could simply step out … Continue reading Instantaneous

Close to the wall

October proved to be a challenging month. I have to admit at times I resisted all news outlets and would leave my home with the most precaution! What is going on–so much conflict, so much turmoil? In my previous Blog (some time ago now), I wrote a continuing piece as the captain of my own spaceship navigating the galaxy in search of my elusive one true love.  I now find myself tempted to restart those engines again in search of a galaxy, home to the planet PEACE. I’m sounding idealistic it’s true but recently as I leave my abode I … Continue reading Close to the wall