All In a Days Work

I have to say things have been rather busy here of late. I have just published my first book, had a great book signing of which I am most grateful, (@Chevalier’s Books) and I am about to premiere my new luxury, petite pouches with which to hide somewhere in your terribly expensive shoulder bags. I decided to add such an item to the line due to the mere fact that I love to have multiple small bags  within which to add whatever I care to on any particular day, be it: an eyeliner, lipstick, loose change, keys, a Ritual Perfume … Continue reading All In a Days Work

1st and Trudie

The fact is, lemons began to get really expensive, upwards of six dollars a pound! My closet market sold them for three fifty each, which was simply incomprehensible. On Saturday mornings I would pose for a local artist in his home studio and would permit him to pay me in lemons, which he picked from his garden. This was an amicable exchange until the trees simply refused to continue to bear fruit. At the house on the corner of 1st and Trudie, the garden had four lemon trees amongst a couple of fig, and one avocado. One of the lemon … Continue reading 1st and Trudie