As most of you know my foray into the realm of Social Media has been a reluctant one. Those who indulge in Geisha are a dynamic, sophisticated lot; engaged in life with little time to “follow” (anything) surely.  Yet I occasionally receive wonderful words of encouragement with regards to pieces written and thus reminded that you do check in and remain just as eager to connect as I am with you. Recently I joined Instagram, with much hesitation admittedly.  “Oh if only I were home in the UK,” I bemoaned. “Or in some other metropolis. I could simply step out … Continue reading Instantaneous


Fortunately I reside in perhaps the most culturally diverse area of Los Angeles. Everyone’s represented here living their varying cultured experiences, seldom overlapping yet considerately aware of one another’s presence. I am close with my neighbours a family from Bangladesh. When at their home I am introduced as a family friend, which is particularly heart warming being how I am invariably the only Westerner at their gatherings. In observance of their youngest son’s certain rite of passage a two hundred and fifty person celebration was held at a local pavilion. What a spectacular affair, with so much dancing, an abundance … Continue reading Adorn