All In a Days Work

I have to say things have been rather busy here of late. I have just published my first book, had a great book signing of which I am most grateful, (@Chevalier’s Books) and I am about to premiere my new luxury, petite pouches with which to hide somewhere in your terribly expensive shoulder bags. I decided to add such an item to the line due to the mere fact that I love to have multiple small bags  within which to add whatever I care to on any particular day, be it: an eyeliner, lipstick, loose change, keys, a Ritual Perfume … Continue reading All In a Days Work


Alison Berg of the Collectista recently stopped by to ask me a few questions , such fun, and the questions were good. Please enjoy. WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS? It’s a continuum really, an amalgamation of my professional and personal experiences. The process is fluid, ever-expanding and more identifiable on some days than others. The process is a coming together of my background as a decorative artist, my love of art history, my fascination with the female, and my bid to better comprehend her in all her beautiful complexities. The process is dialogue, the sharing of stories, a commitment to expansive … Continue reading Interview

The Latest Collections

And so another NYFW, London, Milan (I could go on) have come and gone.  I felt compelled to say something on the happenings and began research rather enthusiastically. I studied the latest offerings with genuine interest, and thought I was generally off to a good start. By the third day; however, procrastination had set in, and although I did research a couple of collections I felt my attention beginning to wane—the next day even more so. Between you and me I had completely lost all interest, leaving me with nothing to report. I suspect I was completely overwhelmed. By the … Continue reading The Latest Collections