God the carriage is stifling, first class and the air is intermittent at best. I am in a compartment that is solely occupied by women interestingly clad in Victorian attire from head to toe.  I am myself overdressed and feel light headed from the heat, the after effect from my last meal and the churning of the locomotive. We are heading through dessert —it’s fuckin’ hot. One can only presume that we are being held captive en route to our destiny, why else would I be here in such a predicament. My travel companions appear to be on the brink … Continue reading Daydreamin’

I’ve been hit!

“Mum can you bring down the graffiti remover please,” I bellowed up to the back of the house where my mother was making us both morning coffee, “it’s in the cupboard to the left of the dishwasher–top shelf.” “Ok luv,” she called back. “Everything alright?” “No Mum. I was hit again last night.” It’s a silly situation really, one that I now realise would have best been left alone. Coming home late from a party one night I came upon three youths tagging the wall in front of my home. A less than enjoyable exchange ensued with threats made (from … Continue reading I’ve been hit!